30 Days Sober is now on Smashwords

30 Days Sober: a companion guide to taking a break from alcoholMy companion guide to staying sober for anyone attempting their first 30 days without alcohol is now available on Smashwords here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/615427The book has been on Amazon for a while but I got feedback from more than a few people that this option was pretty limiting. Smashwords offers a wide variety of outlets and resellers, so I hope this will help people find the book.

It’s funny because I just completed Dryuary again, and it feels nothing like my first 30 day effort. I remember white-knuckling my way through, determined to dig deep and unravel the mess I’d gotten myself into. This book was a result of that effort. Basically it’s a compilation of what obsessed me day by day, and what I wished I’d known about from the beginning. I’m happy to say the experience gets a lot easier with time and practice. Once you learn something, you know it forever.

If you enjoy this book let me know. I’m thinking of re-packaging it’s contents and maybe making it into something shorter or more specific. Looking back, there’s a lot packed in there. Maybe it should be separate? I welcome your feedback.