The Glass Half Full

juiceWhat do you see when you look at this glass?

When I was over-drinking, it was a glass of vodka and pineapple juice. Now it’s just a fancy drink that may or may not have alcohol in it. I have learned, in the process of redirecting my habits, that it’s still okay to have fun drinks and put a little effort into enjoying what I drink.

I’ve also noticed that when I was over-drinking I would look at a glass like this and see that it was half-empty. I’d downed half and would have to go get another refill soon. Now, I think the glass is half full and I’m certain this is not a coincidence.

I don’t know if this is a cause or effect of moderation, because I didn’t notice this effect until recently and I’ve been moderating for more than a year now. However, I do know that changing how I think about the world around me has been a big part of limiting my drinking and remains a major priority for me. I don’t remember the source, but there’s a military quote that says “The first and last battleground is the mind. Everything else is just noise.”